Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



  • I need some help buying tickets online

    No worries! Check out the Ticketing FAQ on the Buy Tickets page.

  • When is Luna Park open?

    Luna Park's opening times vary throughout the year. If you know what day you want to come, check out the Opening Hours page for up to date times. If the info you need isn't on this page, then feel free to give the friendly Guest Relations guys a call on (02) 9922 6644.

  • How do I get to Luna Park?

    You can get to Luna Park a number of ways. Check out the Getting Here pages for more info.

  • How much does it cost to enter Luna Park?

    Entry to Luna Park Sydney is absolutely free! Whether your seven or seventy you can all enjoy the atmosphere for absolutely nothing.

    If you're a thrill-seeker and want to spill your guts on the rides, there are a range of tickets available to purchase all depending on how tall you are and how much fun you want to have! Check out the Opening Hours and Tickets pages for more info.

  • I've never been to Luna Park, do you have a map to look at?

    Certainly! You can check out the interactive map online or grab a free copy when you're here from any Ticket Box or Guest Relations.

  • Can I take photos at Luna Park?

    Photography and filming at Luna Park within public areas for personal, non-commercial use is permitted. There are a number of circumstances that do attract fees or are not permitted. These include commercial photography and/or filming; staged photo/ film shoots; including wedding parties who have not obtained authorisation to photograph or film inside Luna Park; filming or photography whilst riding on the rides and attractions (excluding the Ferris Wheel); any filming or photography that impacts on other Guests safety or enjoyment of the Park, or the operational requirements of the Park; tripods, lighting or other standalone ancillary equipment. If you would like to gain permission to photograph and/or film at Luna Park please submit an enquiry via the Contact Us page.

  • It's my birthday and I want to have my party at Luna Park. Can you help me?

    Is the sky blue? Of course we can! Check out the Children's Parties FAQ or Private Parties FAQ for more info.

  • Can I bring a picnic lunch to Luna Park?

    Yes you can! There's a bunch of picnic areas both within and nearby to Luna Park. Lavender Green is a grassy area out back that's a great little picnic spot. Some days, Lavender Green may be booked for exclusive use by a private function, but if this is the case when you visit, there are a number of other public parks right on Luna Park's doorstep where you can have your picnic instead like Watt Park, Bradfield Park (under the Harbour Bridge) and even a secret grassed area on the top of the Luna Park Car Park! Just ask our friendly staff when you visit where the best place is to lay your picnic blanket on the day, and please respect the environment by taking your rubbish with you.

  • Can I wear thongs or go barefoot on the rides?

    Footwear must be worn on all rides and attractions, except for the Joy Wheel. Some attractions inside Coney Island also require enclosed footwear. Luna Park advises guests to wear comfortable, enclosed shoes when visiting, so that you can make the most of your visit.

  • Are there any other ride requirements?

    Guest safety is number one here at Luna Park, and each of the rides and attractions has it's own admission requirements. Further information can be found at the entrance to each ride, however in addition please note:

    • A shirt or some form of upper-body covering must be worm on all rides and attractions
    • Your height will be measured with your shoes on
    • All rides and attractions require fotwear, and some Coney Island attractions require enclosed shoes


  • Do you cater for guests with physical or other disabilities?

    Many of the rides generate strong physical forces or have particular safety requirements which limit their use by people with certain disabilities. Please read the Guide to Ride Access for further information in relations to specific disabilities. For general Park accessibility, please see the Accessibility page.

  • I am a carer and will be accompanying a guest with a disability, do I need to purchase a ticket?

    Many of our rides generate strong physical forces or have particular safety requirements which limit their use by people with certain disabilities. A carer accompanying a guest with a disability for the sole purpose of assisting that person will be provided with a rides pass free of charge, upon presentation of a current valid NSW Companion Card.

  • Are any of the rides closed for maintenance?

    The Rotor is currently closed until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience.

    There are currently no additional scheduled ride closures or maintenance outages. Please check with our Ticket staff on the morning of your visit for up to date information as this does not include rides closed due to weather.